Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Instagram untuk Anak??


Masih lagi berfikir untuk mulakan dari mana... After a loooonggggg rest from blogging.. Hahahhaa...

Okay... Let me start with this.. Tahun 2015... It's kinda starting year for me... To look properly at my plans for my little caliphs, my family and myself.... And surprisingly.. this year... I'm not pregnant... Hahhahaaa..... Being pregnant for three successive years is not easy.. But yet, Alhamdulillah...I praised to Allah for what He had planned and gave to me...

Eh, nape cam dah kuar topic je nie?? Hahahha.. Actually, the main point is I love what I am now!!! Being a mom for my three little caliphs - Haziq, Hana and Hani...

And you know that I really2 love to record every single moment of their life and mine.. Thus, I just created an individual account for all of them. And yes, some of us may ask... 

"Do we need to have a social media account for our child?"

To be honest, I just love the Instagram!!! Not like any other social media... Coz it just a media which we allow us to compile all pictures and beautiful memories of our life!!! Just pictures and captions... I love that... simple yet meaningful!!!

You know what, dalam dunia yang serba moden nie... kita akan kalah juga dengan teknologi.. Hahahhaa... Terpaksa juga guna walaupun tak suka...

Dengan Instagram nie, I really hope that I will not miss to record their memories... Dalam pada nak kumpul2 tu... kadang2 terperasan yang ada juga gambar yang dah terDELETE....Sedihnya.... So, to make sure that i will not happen again.. here we go!!!!!

Here are my little caliphs' accounts:

p/s: Masa create account diorg nie, satu je yang aku fikir, if I left them, they have all their memories captured here!!!

Come Back!!!!

Come back, gitu!!! Hahaha.. Mcm retis x? Hurmm.... where to start, huh? After almost 3 years.. rs mcm nk mula menulis semula.... 3 years.. Macam2 berlaku... A lot of CHANGES, and of course a lot of sweet memories been created during that period. You know what??? I am a mother of THREE now!!! Well yeah... A lot of stories to share here!!! Nie just nak ambik mood menulis semula... and hopefully berjaya!!!

More stories coming soon!!! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Diari untuk HaziQ

Huhhhh.... Lama betul dah tak update blog nie... Hmmm, busy berulit dengan Haziq pagi petang siang malam... Pejam celik, dah masuk 8 bulan dah dia!!! Tak sangka... I just don't want to miss every single moment with him... Untuk Haziq, Mama plan untuk abadikan semuanya di sini:

Sayang sangat kat kamu!!! =)